Deschutes County Marijuana & Hemp Lawyer

The laws surrounding cannabis have been changing drastically in the past few years all over the country. This is because the overall opinions regarding cannabis law and marijuana policy have drastically changed in the last decade. The cannabis and hemp industries have greatly expanded in the last couple of years and have become engines for economic growth in the United States and a revenue source for state and local governments. If you are running for local, state or national office, you will need to effectively address the issues of cannabis law and marijuana policy to win the election. It has become a very important issue across the political spectrum. At Hughes Law, our attorney has years of experience within the cannabis industry, has been a lifelong advocate of cannabis law reform and understands the complexity involved on all sides of the issue.

Attorney Hughes is a non-partisan, issue-based consultant. He believes that regardless of political party, candidates for public office at all levels should have a comprehensive cannabis policy that is distinct from their general controlled substance or drug control policy. Politicians need to understand all the issues surrounding modern cannabis law. They need to be able to articulate a sound and cohesive policy built around their political beliefs. Cannabis law is an important issue to the People and those who want to successfully win office in today’s climate need to be able to have a vision and plan regarding cannabis policy. Our attorney can help you develop your position on cannabis policy.

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In addition, our attorney at Hughes Law is also available for media appearances to discuss the legal matters regarding the current position of cannabis nationwide. Practicing since 1999, attorney Hughes has a passion for the legal matters that surround cannabis and takes pride in protecting individual’s rights that may have been violated due to the prejudice that comes with cannabis.