Political Consulting for the Cannabis Industry in Oregon

As a hemp and cannabis producer as well as a cannabis law attorney, Michael R. Hughes knows the cannabis industry from the ground up. He uses his unique skill set to advise policy makers and politicians on cannabis policy, advocate for sensible solutions to regulatory issues, and speaks with journalists covering the industry. Learn more about his political consulting services for the cannabis industry.

A Growing Industry

Attorney Michael R. Hughes has been at the forefront of the movement to legalize cannabis across the country. He hails from a family of farmers that once grew hemp, and has always been fascinated by the fact that such a widely-grown and useful agricultural product could be outlawed. 

For decades, he advocated for a return to sensible regulation of hemp production and products. When the Agricultural Act (Farm Bill) of 2014 allowed hemp to be grown on an experimental basis, Hughes was one of the first farmers in the country to harvest the crop. 

Policymakers at all levels of government now seek out Attorney Hughes’ advice when new hemp and cannabis policies are being considered. They know his first-hand experience in the industry can give them unparalleled insight into the impact different laws will have in the courtroom, the boardroom, and the field. 

He is particularly skilled at figuring out what laws need to be adjusted to ensure a policy works as well in the real world as it sounds like it will on paper. Few people are as passionate as Attorney Hughes when it comes to making sure cannabis laws are drafted with care for everyone who will be impacted. Hughes has no love for special interests who would benefit themselves over the industry or cannabis and hemp consumers.  

Political Consulting for Securing Cannabis Licenses and Complying with Local Regulations

Hughes puts his law degree to work on behalf of others who want to make the most of this unique moment in time when cannabis regulations are being reconsidered. Over the years, he has become known as the go-to legal counsel for everything cannabis related. Taking on everything from cannabis criminal defense, to cannabis business formation and complex litigation, means he has a deep understanding of the practical implications of virtually every cannabis law on the books. 

When a state decides to legalize cannabis, that is just the first step toward creating a robust cannabis industry. As local laws implementing such a big picture policy change are put into place, cannabis growers, sellers, manufacturers, investors, and users must navigate a complex regulatory landscape. 

Hughes’ work as a hemp producer means he is intimately familiar with the careful steps one must take to respect complex and at times conflicting local, state, and federal regulations. Attorney Michael Hughes consults with local governments as they craft regulations, and advises fellow cannabis enthusiasts who must comply with such laws.

Local governments have the power to control some regulations in their area, and that includes ones that affect cannabis businesses. Hughes draws on his legal background and his personal experience as a hemp producer to explain how burdensome local regulations are often one of the main roadblocks to a thriving cannabis business scene. He advocates for local governments to treat cannabis businesses like any other local enterprise. He taps into the connections he has made as a consultant to policymakers and political candidates to build support for sensible regulations that encourage economic growth. 

Political Consulting for Cannabis on the Campaign Trail

Public opinion on cannabis is changing faster than ever, and politicians that are slow to recognize this have a disadvantage at the ballot box. Developing a well-informed and thoughtful cannabis and drug policy for your campaign’s platform is now a necessity in many jurisdictions. 

Attorney Hughes is a non-partisan, issue-focused consultant who helps candidates for public office craft a comprehensive cannabis policy that is distinct from their general controlled substance or drug control policy. 

Explicitly drawing the lines that connect a candidate’s cannabis policy stance with his or her political beliefs is an important part of this process. Sensible cannabis policy crosses party lines, and can be tied to a number of broader goals like economic development, deregulation, and criminal justice reform. Attorney Hughes doesn’t just spoon-feed candidates a cut and paste policy their constituents will be pleased with, he makes sure candidates can fully articulate how sound cannabis policy aligns with their other values and policy goals. 

Media Availability 

The media is often referred to as the Fourth Estate because of the power it has to shape public opinion and influence policymakers. This is certainly true in the cannabis industry, where news coverage can have a dramatic impact. 

Attorney Michael Hughes regularly speaks with the media about the legal impact of various cannabis policies. Whether he is doing a one-on-one interview, or going in-depth on background so a reporter has a better grasp of the topic at hand, he is always willing to work with the media. 

An Attorney Who Understands Your Side

As the cannabis and hemp industries grow and change, Attorney Michael Hughes is helping lead the way forward. Hughes’ focus on the future keeps him a step ahead as he advocates for sensible regulations and works to build a robust cannabis and hemp industry. 

Hughes’ experience as a hemp farmer complements his legal practice; making him a go-to resource for policymakers, political candidates, and members of the press who want to understand how a proposed law will work in the real world. Please reach out today to schedule an initial consultation if you are in need of his advice.