The landscape of NCAA athletics has changed drastically in the last three years. Opening the door to student athlete compensation, the United State Supreme Court set a landmark precedent in NCAA v. Alston, 594 US 2147 (2021).  This decision opened the door to student athletes being compensated beyond their scholarships and was a historical moment. 

Since this decision, the NCAA has responded by loosening restrictions regarding compensation and transferring for student athletes.  Student Athletes now have the ability to earn money from their name and brand.  

Recently, the NCAA also announced an important settlement of litigation that will provide certain student athletes compensation for past restrictions on name, image, and likeness. This settlement has also opened the way for direct revenue sharing to student athletes from the institutions they attend. 

All these changes and new benefits are huge for student athletes. However, it also means that student athletes will be asked to sign contracts and other agreements that can substantially affect their rights.  There are constantly changing NCAA rules that the student athletes must comply with while making these contractual obligations that can earn them money.  The student athletes can be at a significant disadvantage when negotiating with companies, collectives, or universities if they do not have strong representation and an advocate in their corner.         

Mr. Hughes has long been a proponent of student athletes being compensated for their contributions to universities beyond scholarships and for obtaining any monetary value that might be available based on their “name, image, or likeness.  

Mr. Hughes has extensive experience with rapidly changing laws and regulations in new industries and businesses that are regulated on a state-by-state basis.  Mr. Hughes was one the pioneers of cannabis law and has extensive experience advising and representing businesses and entrepreneurs in complex and heavily regulated industries.

Mr. Hughes is a seasoned trial attorney, who has 25 years of legal experience as a negotiator and litigator.  Known as a passionate advocate for his clients, Mr. Hughes is always prepared to do what needs to be done to protect his client’s interests.  His creative and positive approach to practicing law benefits his clients and their interests by presenting fresh ideas and cutting-edge legal strategies.         

If you are a college athlete and need experienced legal representation negotiating your name, image, likeness, and athletic reputation rights you should contact The Hughes Companies for a free consultation with groundbreaking attorney and sports agent Michael R. Hughes.  Mr. Hughes is licensed to practice law and a registered sports agent in both Oregon and Nebraska and can assist you in all aspects of your NIL rights as a student athlete.