Top Criminal Defense Attorney in Bend

Attorney Michael Hughes has been practicing law since 1999. He has dedicated his practice to helping people navigate complex legal issues and fighting for their rights. His practice areas include criminal defense, business law, and agricultural law. 

Mr. Hughes grew up in Nebraska, an area known for hard-working, no-nonsense people. He attended high school in southwest Missouri in a blue-collar factory town on the edge of the Ozarks. Mr. Hughes has worked in farm fields, factories, lumber yards, construction sites, and as a security guard, prior to going to law school.

Mr. Hughes studied criminal law in college, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska in 1995. Mr. Hughes then went on to study at Drake University Law School in Des Moines, IA. He graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree in 1999. While in law school Mr. Hughes was a law clerk for the United Stated Department of Agriculture. Mr. Hughes was also an adjunct professor of Criminal Law and Procedure at Minnesota State University – Moorhead. Mr. Hughes was also selected to attend the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and graduated from there in 2006.

As a hard-fighting attorney, Mr. Hughes has developed a reputation as a fierce trial lawyer, an advocate for his clients and street savvy business consultant. He has obtained many favorable outcomes for his clients at jury trial, including many not guilty verdicts. Mr. Hughes possess the rare combination of passion, instinct and experience, that provides the organic ingredients necessary to make a great lawyer and consigliore. A passionate advocate for the wrongfully accused and injured. A street-smart person, with the type of sharp instincts needed to make tough decisions when it matters. A legal warrior with experience in the trenches, who understands that freedom and justice flow from victory. Mr. Hughes is licensed to practice law in Nebraska and Oregon, and is licensed in the US District Court, District of Oregon, where he is able to handle federal cases in the state of Oregon.