Today, several states have legalized recreational cannabis, and the benefits of medical marijuana have become widely accepted. Cannabis remains a Schedule I federal narcotic, and the possession, production, and distribution of marijuana is a violation of many state and federal laws. Because marijuana laws vary from state to state, marijuana defense attorneys and cannabis entrepreneurs alike can benefit from the advice of a nationwide marijuana consultant.

Hughes Law is a premier cannabis law and criminal defense practice located in Bend, Oregon. We provide comprehensive marijuana consulting services to clients throughout the country, which include:

Founding attorney Michael R. Hughes is well-versed in the laws governing recreational marijuana and highly experienced in handling cannabis criminal defense cases (possession, distribution, and marijuana DUII). He is also a seasoned cannabis and hemp producer who has been at the forefront of the national effort to legalize marijuana and hemp.

At Hughes Law, our mission is to advocate for the legalization of recreational marijuana and to vigorously defend those who have been wrongly accused of cannabis-related crimes. Please contact our office today to learn more about our nationwide marijuana consulting services.

Expert Opinion and Testimony in Marijuana Criminal Defense Cases

Although several states have legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana, individuals and businesses can still be charged with unlawful possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana. The same holds true in jurisdictions where recreational cannabis remains illegal. Because prosecutors typically rely on law enforcement to provide expert testimony to obtain convictions, defendants are at an unfair advantage. 

As an experienced cannabis attorney and producer, Michael R. Hughes has a working knowledge of the cannabis industry. He regularly offers expert testimony and opinion on cannabis production and distribution in cases involving all types of marijuana-related offenses. Defense attorneys across the nation tap his knowledge and experience to achieve successful outcomes for their clients. 

Whether you are defending a client against a state or federal cannabis violation, he will thoroughly examine the evidence and provide expert opinion and testimony. Similarly, as more states establish regulated medical and recreational marijuana distribution systems, cannabis businesses must be able to navigate complex civil and criminal codes. In the event of violations and any resulting litigation, cannabis entrepreneurs and their legal counsel may require the objective insights of a cannabis law and production expert. 

Whether your business is facing a regulatory enforcement action or administrative proceeding, Michael R. Hughes can offer expert opinion and testimony regarding compliance with applicable cannabis laws and regulations. 

Mediation and Cannabis Business Dispute Resolution

As the recreational cannabis industry continues to grow, business conflicts are inevitable. When disputes rise to the level of civil litigation, cannabis businesses must recognize that the costs of a protracted legal battle can be detrimental. That’s where Hughes Law comes in. We regularly advise cannabis businesses on alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. 

Mediation involves working with a neutral, third-party who guides the involved parties to a negotiated agreement; however, a mediator cannot provide legal advice. By contrast, arbitration is a more formal proceeding in which the parties agree to submit the dispute to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision. 

The cannabis law and production expert at Hughes Law has an intrinsic understanding of the cannabis industry and is well-versed in the applicable laws. Attorney Michael Hughes leverages his knowledge and experience to serve as a mediator for disputing cannabis businesses and also provides informed cannabis legal counsel to clients involved in arbitration. 

Jury Trial Consulting 

At Hughes Law, we provide professional trial consulting services to fellow attorneys on a wide-range of civil and criminal matters, including cases involving recreational cannabis production, distribution, and consumption. Backed by over 20 years of experience in criminal defense, agricultural law, recreational cannabis and hemp law, trial lawyers frequently rely on our jury trial consultants during pretrial preparations. From reviewing and analyzing discovery to researching legal and evidentiary issues, from voir dire preparation to developing opening and closing statements, trust Hughes Law for our comprehensive jury trial consulting services.

Contact Our Nationwide Marijuana Consultants

As the recreational marijuana industry continues to grow and evolve, cannabis businesses, investors, and consumers can count on the nationwide marijuana consultants at Hughes Law.

Our practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of the nationwide cannabis community and defending those who have wrongly been accused of cannabis crimes and various other offenses.

Attorney Michael R. Hughes has been in the trenches of the battle to legalize recreational marijuana for over 20 years and he will provide you with trustworthy advice and counsel. Please contact our office today to discuss your matter with a premier nationwide marijuana consultant.