Hughes Law Marijuana & Hemp Attorney

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Areas of Cannabis Practice:

Business Formation

Starting a business in the cannabis industry can be profitable, but it will be complex. The guidelines surrounding industrial cannabis use are near-constantly changing due to legislative intervention and interruptions. If you fail to stay on top of the rules, regulations, and hardline laws, both you and your business could be harshly penalized. Hughes Law and our Oregon cannabis lawyer can help you get the clear and continual understanding of state and federal cannabis business laws, enabling you to confidently run and grow your company without worrying about whether or not you are overstepping the line.

Land Use and Zoning

Cultivating cannabis is the foundation of the cannabis industry, but it is also one of the most complicated aspects of it from a legal standpoint. Legal land use and regulated zoning for cannabis cultivators are surrounded by red tape. Additionally, federal agencies do not recognize cannabis as a plant that agricultural companies can legally cultivate, so there is constant oversight and interruption from high government. To be sure you have the permits you need and that your cannabis cultivation site is located according to Oregon’s industrial cannabis program rules, work with Hughes Law.

OLCC Applications

Did you know that legal cannabis sales in Oregon are currently being controlled and monitored by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)? In an attempt to simplify the state’s industrial cannabis programs, the OLCC was given the authority to oversee cannabis sales, and much of the same rules and regulations that govern alcohol sale in Oregon apply to cannabis. For example, establishments must be specially licensed to sell cannabis and cannabis products, and purchasers have to be 21 years of age or older. You can get a full idea of the OLCC rules and how to apply for a license to sell cannabis through the Commission by calling (541) 667-9567 and connecting with Hughes Law now.

Consulting for the Cannabis Investor

The future profits of the cannabis industry are expected to bloom as the years go on and regulations are sorted out. This has drawn the attention of big name investors and entrepreneurs who want to find a reliable source of income through smart investments. If you would like to begin investing in cannabis companies and products but do not quite understand the nuances of cannabis laws, cannabis industry regulations, and the many uses of cannabis products, come to Hughes Law for guidance and advice. Our lead attorney, Michael Hughes, is a hemp farmer himself, giving him incredible insight into how to consult new investors.

Hemp/CBD Industry Compliance

While it is true that medical marijuana is an incredibly popular herbal medicine, hemp and its cannabidiol (CBD) levels are believed to act even better for medicinal purposes. CBD is the substance in these plants that can alleviate pain, anxiety, inflammation, and a number of other maladies. On the other hand, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance that causes feelings of euphoria or “getting high.” Hemp has significantly higher CBD levels and significantly lower THC levels than marijuana, making it a prime candidate for medicinal use. If you are a hemp cultivator or producer, you need to make certain your crops are meeting strict Oregon Department of Agriculture regulations for THC and CBD levels. Hughes Law can help you figure out the details and ensure you and your company do not land in legal trouble.