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Do you need an experienced criminal law attorney to represent you? Retain an attorney who is willing and prepared to take your case to trial. Our firm has the extensive trial experience, aggressive advocacy, and strategical development that is designed to achieve a favorable jury verdict.

Approach to Case Preparation

Hughes Law doesn’t begin to prepare for trial after the case fails to settle, we begin preparing for trial as soon as we take a case. As a firm believer that a cases foundation needs to be developed early in the legal process to be successful, our firm is prepared to always go to trail to achieved the best possible results for our clients.

No case is won without laying the proper foundation, which involves:

  • Extensive review of the evidence
  • Thorough investigation of the facts and witnesses involved in the case
  • An aggressive discovery and pretrial motion strategy

Focused on Client Needs

Practicing since 1999, Hughes Law is constantly implementing new strategies and tactics that he has learned from many years of litigating cases. Our firms “fight first” method involves vigorous case preparation and analysis. Our firm accepts a limited number of cases so we can fully focus all of our attention on our clients’ legal matters.

Striving to be loyal to our clients and work to create relationships with each person we represent. When you hire our firm, we take that very personally and feel a deep responsibility to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf. Hughes Law runs a low-volume practice because we value our relationship with our clients.

When taking on a case, we are passionate about assisting our clients with a unique approach and goal in mind. Our attorney is a warrior who fights relentlessly for his clients, wanting to do the best possible job on each case and consistently working toward achieving results that satisfy our clients’ needs.

About Attorney Michael R. Hughes

In 2006, our attorney attended Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. This is an intense one-month program that focuses on psychodrama and trial skills at Gerry Spence’s ranch outside of Dubois, Wyoming. It is the premier training program for trial lawyers who only represent the injured and the accused. America’s greatest and most dedicated trial lawyers have trained at the college over the last 20 years.

In addition to our firm’s dedication to constantly honing our skills as trial lawyers, we are also developed a street smart and intuitive form of knowledge . When we take on a case, we use an aggressive approach and work relentlessly to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

As a former adjunct professor of criminal law and procedure, our attorney can break down legal issues in an easy-to-understand way.

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