Land Use & Zoning in Oregon

Deschutes County Marijuana & Hemp Lawyer

A large part of cannabis is the cultivation and production of the cannabis plant. Many farms across America have begun specializing in the growing of these plants in accordance with their state’s cannabis regulations. While it is not recognized as legal federally, at the state level, many have begun to issue permits for land use to legally cultivate cannabis plants. It is always important to note whether your state legally issues permits to cultivate and produce cannabis related products for public consumption.

While this is an ever growing market and something that many have begun to do, land use and zoning permits are some of the most important aspects when considering a cannabis cultivation site. For example, in Oregon you may get a cannabis production license for professional or personal purposes. This includes having multiple permits for outdoor and indoor production areas. In addition, you will be taxed for each zone you are producing in and each sale of cannabis that is taking place if you are producing for the purpose of selling to consumers.

We Can Answer Your Cannabis Zoning Questions

Nationwide cannabis has similar regulations regarding land use and zoning in that states that have made it legal to produce, but at times small things can differ from state to state. This is why it is imperative to get legal counsel on your state’s cannabis laws. If you are considering a business opportunity in the cannabis industry, Hughes Law can help. Our attorney is prepared to take on any consultation needs you might have nationwide. He is not your typical attorney; as a producer of cannabis himself, he is an expert professionally and personally on the production of cannabis and the regulations that must be adhered to when zoning land for the purpose of producing cannabis.

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