Help for Cannabis Permits and Regulations

The laws regarding the sale of cannabis in stores are extremely similar to the laws that govern the sales of alcohol. For example in Oregon, cannabis sales are governed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Many of the laws and licensing needed to sell or consume cannabis mirror those of alcohol. Whether you possess, produce, process, and/or sell cannabis products or cannabis related products you must be licensed to do so.

Examples of regulations that must be followed to sell are:

  • A Selling Permit
  • A Work Permit (Individuals with Criminal Records Can Be Denied)
  • Must Be 21 or Older
  • Adhere to Packaging and Labeling Requirements
  • Adhere to Regulated Selling Hours
  • Adhere to Regulated Selling Quantities

Many of these regulations also apply to the consumer as well as the seller. This is in terms of how much you can buy in a day, what time of day, and the age you must be to legally be sold cannabis. However, all these regulations are subject to change from state to state because federally cannabis is still illegal and therefore unregulated.

Providing Expert Consultations

If you are considering a business venture in the cannabis industry it is important you get the expert legal counsel. At Hughes Law our attorney is an expert in the legal aspects of selling and producing cannabis and all related products. We seek to inform the cannabis community nationwide regarding its legality in your state and the regulations you must follow as a seller or consumer. For more information regarding cannabis’ sale, consumption, or the application processes in the state of Oregon click here.

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