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I understand how to represent people accused of even the most serious violent crimes. Many violent crimes are considered forms of assault and are organized into one of four different degrees of assault. In addition to assault charges, Oregon law covers a wide range of “violent crimes,” including those that result in the death of a victim. Convictions for violent offenses have serious consequences in Oregon, especially Measure 11 crimes.

Ballot Measure 11 Offenses

Many violent crimes in Oregon are considered “Measure 11” offenses. Oregon law requires that people convicted for Measure 11 offenses be sentenced to mandatory minimum prison terms. These are bare minimum sentences that judges are generally required to impose. Longer sentences can apply under certain circumstances or based on previous convictions.

Ballot Measure 11 offenses include:

  • First-degree arson — 90-month mandatory minimum
  • Assault I and II — 90-month mandatory minimum
  • Assault II — 70-month mandatory minimum
  • Attempted aggravated murder — 10-year mandatory minimum
  • Attempted murder — 90-month mandatory minimum
  • First-degree robbery — 90-month mandatory minimum
  • Second-degree robbery — 70-month mandatory minimum
  • Rape I or first-degree rape — 100-month mandatory minimum
  • Rape II or second-degree rape — 75-month mandatory minimum
  • Manslaughter I or first-degree manslaughter — 10-year mandatory minimum
  • Manslaughter II or second-degree manslaughter — 74-month mandatory minimum
  • Murder — 25-year mandatory minimum

Providing Experienced Defense in Violent Offense Cases

When accused of a crime of violence, including a Measure 11 offense, what type of lawyer do you want handling your case? Do you want a trial lawyer with proven success in defending against allegations of violence? Do you want an attorney who can thoroughly develop defenses and effectively present your side of the story?

I have extensive jury trial experience handling allegations of violence. I have been able to successfully litigate cases for clients wrongfully accused of crimes of violence. Call Hughes Law today!