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Though a majority of the states are recognizing the medical value of cannabis, there are still many state and federal laws that make the possession, production and distribution of marijuana a criminal offense. Even in states like Washington and Colorado, that have legalized recreational cannabis possession, sales and production, there are criminal laws that can and are used to prosecute people for cannabis violations. This is also true in states that have medical marijuana laws. The government uses law enforcement to provide their expert testimony to obtain convictions. Who do you have providing expert testimony for your case?

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Hughes Law offers cannabis production and distribution opinion and testimony from Michael R. Hughes, cannabis law and production expert. If you are facing criminal allegations involving marijuana charges, your first and foremost task is obtaining legal counsel. If you already have counsel from a marijuana legal consultant, you then have to determine if a cannabis expert is going to help your case. Mr. Hughes is licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oregon; contact Hughes Law to discuss your legal matter.

Often, people are accused of “possession with intent to distribute” when they are accused of marijuana-related offenses. This is usually based on the alleged weight of the marijuana in question and there is often no clear cut line in the law regarding how much is required to prove the alleged intentions. Generally, law enforcement is called by the government to testify that “based on their training and experience” the amount alleged to have been found is generally for sales and distribution. In these cases, it is important to have a real marijuana expert examine the evidence and render an opinion about the alleged marijuana in question.

Even as more states pass medical cannabis laws, patients, their caregivers and their medical marijuana providers can and do find themselves charged and prosecuted for marijuana violations. Sometimes these prosecutions are initiated by the United States Attorneys and brought under federal law. Other times they are brought by state prosecutors under state law. Either way, if you find yourself in a legal predicament involving allegations of cannabis violations, you should have a cannabis production and distribution expert examine the evidence and provide an opinion to your attorney and the Court, if necessary.

Also, as more states establish regulated medical and recreational cannabis distribution systems, complex civil and criminal statutes are going to apply to the businesses involved in that industry. When businesses are involved in litigation that involves violations of those laws, their legal team is going to want the insight of a cannabis production and distribution expert. Often these regulatory actions or administrative review hearing will require the reports and testimony of experts regarding compliance with the laws and regulations.

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If you are involved in criminal or civil litigation alleging violations of marijuana laws or regulations, you need expert opinion and testimony regarding cannabis production or distribution. Our attorney, is a cannabis law expert who has researched, studied and been involved with cannabis production and distribution since 1999. Hughes Law offers expert opinion and testimony in cases with both private and court appointed counsel.