Candidate interview with Michael Hughes and Cascade Business News

I am running for Mayor because I love Bend and I want to give back to the community as I feel public service is important. I am a quick thinking, skillful communicator and commonly work to bring opposing sides together. As an attorney I have helped business clients navigate the difficult landscape of local land use issues which requires working with city and county officials. I understand what businesses and entrepreneurs must go through to become successful. I also solve complex problems by examining issues from every perspective before setting a plan of action. Most of the issues facing the city of Bend have legal components. The mayor needs to be able to analyze these issues not only from a legal perspective, but also with the diverse opinions of the citizens in mind and common sense. I have worked in farm fields, as a welder in a motorcycle factory, on a road construction crew, as a security guard, in a lumber yard and stocking shelves in a grocery store. My diverse work background and legal expertise allows me to understand and articulate issues from a multitude of perspectives and these skills and strengths make me uniquely qualified to lead the City of Bend as Mayor into the future.

Bend is at a cross-road, what we do now will directly affect those that live in Bend 25, 50, 75 and 100 years from now. I still want those residents of the future to say, “Wow, the past leaders in Bend really got it right and did something amazing.” We cannot afford to sit on our laurels because we all feel Bend is great now. I feel if we Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Bend we will continue to build an even better Bend. Allow the community to dream big. Drake Park is beautiful and iconic; however, make it even better perhaps creating a river walk like Austin or St. Louis. Fire prevention and planning is a necessity to prevent what happened in Redding this year. Evaluation of our fireworks policy should be on the agenda. We have such an eclectic community, it would be fantastic to hold regular town hall meetings to move this community forward and bring the community together with pride. We have the opportunity to lead in many issues such as homelessness. Let’s be visionaries and take a stand for those which are vulnerable in our community.