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Michael Hughes for Mayor

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Michael’s campaign for the Mayor of Bend is based on three important principles. First, be kind. Bend as a community should address the homeless issue and provide an example for other cities to follow. Bend needs to maintain its small town feel as it becomes a bigger city. Two, be safe. Bend must improve upon both wildfire disaster plans and prevention, including providing all the resources necessary to first responders. The city should take whatever steps are necessary to prevent future wildfires from causing injury to people or property. Bend needs to provide additional funding to train more police officers in drug recognition evaluations for impaired driving enforcement. Finally, be smart. Bend must continue to intelligently develop to proceed into the future when more than 100,000 people will live in the city. The city must continue to collaborate with the county and come up with common sense solutions for future development, including providing more incentives for builders to construct affordable housing projects.


  • Work with Governor on the issue of homelessness
  • Develop Work-Program with private and public funding that allows homeless people to do volunteer work around the city in exchange for room and/or board
  • Anti-Aggressive Driving Campaign


  • Develop a comprehensive Wildfire Emergency Plan for the City
  • Explore ways to reduce man-made fires in the area
  • Fund more training for Bend Police Officer to become certified in Drug Recognition Evaluations
  • Seek private and public funding and cooperation with the Bend PD and OSU Cascades to conduct comprehensive research on cannabis related impaired driving


  • Prepare Infrastructure for when Bend exceeds 100,000 residents
  • Look for creative and innovative solutions to continued residential and commercial development in Bend
  • Create more incentives to attract high-tech, high-paying jobs to the city
  • Protect and preserve the natural resources of the city, including the river
  • Continue to Embrace and Promote Tourism in Bend and Central Oregon

Debates - Hear What Michael Hughes Says

Part 1: Paying for Septic Systems vs. Sewers & Candidate Backgrounds

Part 2: Marijuana Retailers & Affordable Housing

Part 3: Infrastructure and Impacts of OSU-Cascades & Mirror Pond Dredging

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