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Hemp & Cannabidiol Attorney

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Cannabis production is typically associated with the use of marijuana as a medical and/or recreational drug that carries hallucinogenic properties. However, hemp possess different properties. Hemp is typically grown for its fibers and has a historical significance in being used as a material in the manufacturing of various products. The difference between hemp and marijuana is that marijuana is low in cannabidiol (CBD) and high in THC, THC being the hallucinogenic property that is associated with the feeling of being high.

Hemp is historically one of the first plants to be manufactured by many of history’s greatest civilizations, such as: the Japanese, Chinese, Greeks, Palestinians, and many more. Hemp’s popularity is in part due to the fact that it has multiple uses, found in the early years of its production, hemp can produce items such as: ropes, carpets, clothing, shoes, etc. The material for this can be found in the hemp’s fiber, which has been its main draw as far as being cultivated for many years.

However, in recent years hemp has also come into popularity because of the fact that hemp is high in CBD. Where marijuana is low in CBD and high in THC, hemp is the opposite and ongoing research has suggested that CBD in hemp can also reduce the effects of anxiety, act as an anti-inflammatory, and assisting with pain management. It is to be understood that these effects are still being tested, but these are researcher’s early findings when testing the effects of CBD. Furthermore, many modern day products such as food and/or drinks claim to be infused with CBD.

Hemp Cultivation

The cultivation of a cannabis plant in its self is a complicated endeavor, but when you are considering the cultivation of hemp it can include a variety of different factors. Legally hemp has an extremely spotted history in modern politics as it has been legalized and made illegal countless times, but as of 2014 President Obama signed into law the ability to cultivate hemp for limited agricultural and/or academic purposes.

Currently many states have also legalized the cultivation of hemp for research and commercial purposes, Oregon being among one of around 35 states that have legalized the cultivation of hemp. In Oregon specifically it is legal to cultivate hemp for commercial purposes if registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. In addition, those who intended to distribute and/or sell seeds must also be licensed as seed producers.

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If you are considering the formation of a business that involves hemp, or are interested in the complex nature of farming hemp, don’t hesitate to contact our firm today. Though Hemp is legal in some states it can also be an extremely complicated matter to become licensed, even when licensed you may deal with harassment from law enforcement. Attorney Hughes is an experienced cannabis producer, breeder, and agricultural specialist with 18 years of legal experience. Our attorney proudly consults nationally and can help guide you through all the agricultural and legal matters associated with cannabis production.

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