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A Different Kind of Lawyer Unique Guidance From an Experienced Cannabis Producer

Cannabis Law

Hughes Law Cannabis & Hemp Attorney

Video Caption: Watch an exclusive interview by The Bulletin with Michael Hughes. Video courtesy of The Bullentin and Tess Freeman. For the full story, click here.

Areas of Cannabis Practice:

Specialized Industrial Hemp Consultant

Our firm's attorney, Michael R. Hughes, has considerable knowledge regarding hemp and the hemp industry. Attorney Hughes has been studying hemp and hemp laws since the 1980’s. He grew up on a farm in eastern Nebraska where his family once grew hemp. He began studying the feral hemp growing around his farm at a young age. He developed a passion to return the hemp industry to the United States and used his law degree to further this agenda. He started the Industrial Hemp Producers Association in the 1990’s. By 2015, he was one of the first farmers in the United States to produce hemp under the 2014 Federal Farm Bill. They are starting the fourth season of hemp production at his farm in Oregon.

Hemp Versus Marijuana

The differences between hemp and marijuana can be complicated and fraught with political landmines. “Hemp” typically refers to strains of Cannabis sativa which has been domesticated and utilized for many centuries for the production of foods, oils, and textiles like rope and fabrics. “Marijuana” on the other hand is a colloquial term for other strains which are bred for the resin growing on the flowers and some leaves.

Significantly, while marijuana plants contain high levels of the active ingredient which is responsible for the plants psychoactive qualities, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp actually contains a much lower amount of it. As a case in point, medical marijuana has between 5-20% THC on average, while most hemp contains less than 0.3%.

While all cannabis is illegal to produce in the U.S., hemp is grown in over 30 countries worldwide; and interestingly enough, hemp products can be legally imported to the U.S.

Consulting Services for Hemp Producers

On top of his years spent on his family’s farm, as a Bend industrial hemp farming consultant, Mr. Hughes studied hemp production for more than two decades and is well-versed in the industry’s literature. Hughes Law has spent even more time reviewing hemp growth and the life cycle of the plant. We have spent years looking over studies done on recreational and medical marijuana along with the state medical cannabis systems of Oregon and California.

In 1997, our firm's attorney founded the Industrial Hemp Producers Association on behalf of industrial hemp producers. In addition, Mr. Hughes was also a clerk with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wetland Restoration Team and attended the Drake Law Agricultural Law Institute in 1998.

Hughes Law's distinctive experience allows us to offer specialized consulting services to cannabis businesses and legal opinions on marijuana cases. We can make the difference for any case involving compliance issues and testimony for drug crime cases.

Reach out to Hughes Law and get the consulting services you need.

What Sets Hughes Law Firm Apart?

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