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My firm focuses on personal injury and criminal defense cases. I take on serious cases and understand that the damages to your reputation, family, health, well-being, and occupation can be incalculable if you are wrongfully convicted of a criminal offense or if you are not properly compensated for a serious injury caused by someone else.

I have substantial trial experience and have been in the legal practice for 16 years. In addition to Oregon, I am licensed to practice law in Nebraska and Minnesota.

Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have successfully defended people in serious criminal matters and have obtained many not-guilty verdicts from jury trials. Success is always based on hard work, first and foremost; however, in criminal cases, you also have to dig deeper into things and set aside common presumptions. You have to understand how both cops and criminals operate.

A criminal defense attorney has to be able to quickly go through large amounts of discovery, analyze it, and then make important strategy decisions as to how to proceed. This is the level of effort I put forth so that I can understand what is going on and fully advise my clients.

After this initial case work, I can then draft and file all motions and pleadings necessary to begin mounting the pretrial defense. If the case proceeds beyond the pretrial stage, we then enter the jury trial phase and get ready for battle. I defend clients against a wide variety of accusations, including those that have to do with assault, violent crimes, drugs and controlled substances, child molestation, theft, criminal sexual conduct, and domestic violence.

Personal Injury Attorney in Bend, OR

If you have been injured in an auto accident, truck accident, premises liability incident, a product liability situation, or an injury related to a liquor liability case, I can help. My firm also handles wrongful death claims.

I offer contingency fees for personal injury services, which means that my attorney fees are based on what I can recover for your losses. My fees for cases that settle prior to litigation are only 25%. This fee is lower than the average firm's fees.

I am focused on dealing with insurance companies and attorneys while you focus on trying to get better. I will assist with gathering medical bills, medical records, and other documents to help prove your losses. I will then work toward obtaining the compensation for these damages. Sometimes that means a fair settlement from the insurance company, and other times it means we go to a jury trial and present our case.

If you need assistance with your criminal or personal injury case, call my firm today to set up your initial case evaluation!

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