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Have you been injured as a result of someone else's negligent behavior in Bend, Oregon? Injuries can be devastating, resulting in hospitalization, surgery, lengthy recovery, physical therapy, disability, loss of mobility, and general interruptions in your life. You may also miss time away from work or even lose your ability to make a living. All of these circumstances can cost you time and money. Who should be responsible for these economic and medical harms?

You will inevitably have to deal with an insurance company that is more concerned about profit, not people. It will employ highly skilled attorneys, investigators, and adjusters who are working immediately to mitigate the company's exposure, which means minimizing the harms and losses that were thrust upon you by someone else. Before you try to deal with insurance companies directly, ask yourself, "Are they really on my side?" Even when it is your own insurance company, you have to wonder whose interests the company is really protecting. Complicated issues regarding liens and subrogation often arise when multiple types of insurance, such as automobile and health, are involved.

You should not wait until the insurance company has built its case to contact an attorney. You need to talk to an experienced trial lawyer immediately if you are going to receive the justice you deserve and hold the negligent party accountable for the losses they caused you. Contact Bend Personal Injury Attorney Michael R. Hughes today so that you can discuss your situation and receive a confidential consultation with a skilled trial lawyer.

Here are a few examples of the type of personal injury claims that Hughes Law handles:

Note: I am licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oregon. Each state has laws that are specific and detailed. The following are generalized descriptions. You should contact my office to discuss the specific laws in your case.

Auto Accidents
Auto accident claims involve cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, recreational vehicles, and more. Most of these cases involve some sort of automobile insurance, including liability, no-fault, personal injury protection, underinsured coverage, and uninsured coverage. Navigating and understanding it all can be very confusing for most people. The insurance companies are skilled and well represented. You need an experienced and passionate advocate who understands your rights and can articulate your injuries so that you can be fully compensated for all of your economic, emotional, and medical losses.

Truck Accidents
Accidents involving large commercial trucks often lead to serious injury or death. Dealing with claims from these accidents can be difficult because you often have several entities and their insurance companies involved. Also, determining what happened and who is at fault can be complicated if multiple vehicles are involved. Federal and state laws and regulations play big roles in these cases. You will need a hardworking and aggressive trial lawyer to help you if you are injured in a truck accident.

Premises Liability
Generally, a person in possession or control of property or land is obligated to make sure that his or her property is safe from unreasonable dangers so as to prevent injury or harm to others. Each state has its own specific laws regarding the type of duty certain people owe to other people on their property and when a property owner or possessor is liable for injuries that occur to others while on the property. These are difficult cases to prove, and the insurance companies employ every known tactic to defend themselves against liability. You need a personal injury attorney to evaluate the facts of your case and give you an honest opinion about your claim.

Wrongful Death
Tragically, all of the cases listed above can result in the loss of a loved one. When this happens, notions of personal responsibility demand that those who caused the death be held accountable. The insurance companies embrace the irresponsible theme of "money can't bring them back" in hopes of watering down the value of life. Money is no cure for the loss of a loved one; yet, when money is the only allowable way to make up for one's negligent acts by the law, the victims should be compensated fairly. Wrongful death cases are complicated, and the families who are suffering this type of loss need an advocate they can trust to fight for the justice their loved ones deserve.

I Can Help You Seek the Justice You Deserve

Hughes Law is capable of guiding you through your personal injury legal claim from start to finish. From developing the case, presenting the claim to an insurance company, and ultimately litigating the case, Hughes Law can assist in getting the justice you deserve for the harms and losses that you suffered. In personal injury matters, Hughes Law works on a contingency basis, meaning I, only get paid attorney fees if I reach a settlement or obtain a verdict on your behalf.

I offer very competitive contingency fees because I feel strongly about making sure that injured parties receive as much compensation as they can obtain. I only charge 25% for cases that settle prior to litigation. If the case is litigated, my fee is 33%. I want to help you, so call Hughes Law today to receive a confidential case evaluation.

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