Jury Trial Consulting

Jury Trial Consulting

If you are preparing to present a legal case to a jury, it is always a good idea to work with a jury trial consultant. This is true regardless of the nature of the case, whether it is a civil or criminal matter. Even experienced trial lawyers rely on jury trial consultants to help them prepare for jury trials. Michael R. Hughes, of Hughes Law, has been a trial lawyer for 16 years and has a tremendous amount of trial experience with criminal and civil cases.

Here are some examples of the type of legal cases that Hughes Law offers jury trial consulting in:

  • Criminal Cases involving any allegations, including controlled substance crimes, murder, assault, arson, criminal sexual conduct, rape, forgery, fraud, theft, white-collar offenses, and any other allegations brought forth by the government
  • Civil Cases including personal injury, civil rights, workers compensation, business, contracts, trademark infringement, copyright violations, zoning, licensing, or any other type o civil case that may end up in a jury trial
  • Any cases that involve cannabis production or distribution
  • Any cases that involves medical cannabis use, possession, production or distribution
  • Any case that involves cannabis or marijuana laws

Here are some of the things that Hughes Law can do to help prepare for your next jury trial:

  • Review and analyze discovery and other evidence
  • Prepare Case Plan
  • Develop discovery strategy
  • Establish motion strategy
  • Implement trail plan
  • Research legal issues
  • Research Evidentiary Issues
  • Research Fact Witness
  • Research Expert Opinions
  • Draft Jury Instructions
  • Vore Dire Preparation, including strategy and research
  • Vore Dire Observing
  • Witness Preparation
  • Witness Observation
  • Opening Statement Development and Delivery
  • Closing Statement Development and Delivery

Hughes Law offers the services of Michael R. Hughes for jury trial consulting. His insight regarding cases and the real story behind those cases has fueled a successful legal career. His work as an attorney led to an invitation to attend the Trial Lawyer's College, where Mr. Hughes graduated in 2006. Mr. Hughes has extensive jury trial experience in both Oregon criminal and civil law.

If you are looking for a high quality jury trial consultant, call Hughes Law today to discuss your need with Michael R. Hughes.

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