Judicial Services

Judicial Services

Expert Opinion and Testimony

Have you been charged with a marijuana offense? Is the government trying to claim that you possessed cannabis with the intent to deliver? Were you compliant with your state's medical marijuana law, but the government is still pursuing charges against? If so, you need a cannabis production and distribution expert. Call Hughes Law today to discuss your case needs today with a cannabis expert in Bend, OR.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

As cannabis business become more legit, disputes will arise. Business disputes can often be resolved with the assistance of a skilled mediator. Often this can be done before it dissolves into litigation. Also, when cases do get embroiled in litigation, alternative dispute resolutions are required. Hughes Law is now offering the services of cannabis law and production expert Michael R. Hughes.

Jury Trial Consulting

Are you involved in litigation that is headed for a jury trial? Perhaps you are facing criminal charges involving cannabis. Perhaps you have a business dispute involving cannabis businesses that is set for a jury trial? May be you are a medical cannabis patient and you have a personal injury matter that is going to jury trial. Whatever the reason is, if you find yourself staring down the prospects of a jury trial, a consultant with 16 years of extensive jury trial experience can prove to be a huge asset. If your trial involves cannabis, you should consider having trial lawyer and cannabis law and production expert Michael R. Hughes, consult with your case.

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