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Were you wrongfully accused of a criminal offense? Have you been charged by the government for a serious violent crime because you defended yourself or others? When a client is accused of committing an illegal act, I understand how terrifying the entire process can seem. A criminal conviction can damage your reputation, cause you to lose your job, and have other devastating effects on yourself and your family.

If you are found guilty of certain offenses, you may face stiff penalties such as prison, fines, loss of voting rights, loss of Second Amendment rights, license suspension and revocations, and much more. Immediately retaining the right attorney for your case is critical to defending yourself against the government in criminal cases. This is not the time to hire an inexperienced or dispassionate attorney to handle your case and defend you against the onslaught you will face. You need a serious legal warrior to help you if you want to fight for your freedoms.

My firm provides legal representation in the following areas:

Note: I am licensed to practice law in Oregon, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Each state has laws that are specific and detailed. The following are generalized descriptions of practice areas and laws. You should contact my office to discuss the specific laws that will apply to your case.

Violent Crimes
Violent crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, but either way, convictions for crimes against other people can have serious ramifications. Some offenses, such as murder and homicide, can lead to the death penalty or life sentences. Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide convictions can also have long prison sentences and periods of parole and probation. Many defenses can be used to fight these accusations, such as self-defense or defense of others, but they need to be developed early on in the case. You need an aggressive lawyer on your side when you have been accused of a serious offense such as a violent crime.

Drug & Controlled Substance Allegations
Many "drugs" or "substances" that are taken recreationally in the United States are in fact illegal to use, possess, manufacture, produce, and sell. Violations of either state or federal laws regarding "controlled substance" offenses can result in major penalties, often involving felony convictions with mandatory minimum sentences or lengthy sentences under sentencing guidelines. A successful defense against these allegations begins immediately and often involves filing motions within certain time periods. Retain an attorney who is an expert regarding cannabis production and distribution and who has a great understanding of state and federal controlled substance laws.

White Collar Allegations
White collar charges involve fraud, bribery, counterfeiting, extortion, forgery, and more. They often involve allegations of misappropriating funds or seeking undue influence. These accusations can arise within complex business dealings and require great attention to detail when defending against them. When faced with serious allegations such as this, you need a trial attorney who leaves no stone unturned when focusing on the specific elements of your case.

High-Profile Cases
High-profile cases are those that, for whatever reason, pique the public's interest. Sometimes, these cases involve celebrities or other public figures; other times, they involve serious charges, such as murder, major embezzlement, or other highly charged accusations that a community is not accustomed to dealing with or seeing in the local media. These cases bring an entire set of factors that are not present normally. They require a different kind of lawyer.

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